Upcycling With Dies

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Hi friends!

I'm sharing another home decor project today, this time it involves upcycling of an empty jam glass jar. I recently attended a workshop on decoupage by the talented artist Maninder Kaur of Rainbow Karftykari and although this is not exactly what the workshop was about, it sure gave me an idea to use some die cuts for upcycling a glass jar.

Recently received my new Chapter 1 dies from Sizzix Lifestyle(www.sizzix.co.uk) and they are all spring-themed, with beautiful butterfly and floral dies.

Products used :-

- A clean glass jar
- White Chalk Paint from Papericious
- Deco Art Decoupage Glue
- Flat brush
- Wood Varnish
-- Rhinestones
--Yellow cardstock

Method :-

I started by cleaning the surface of the glass jar using cotton and spirit(rubbing alcohol).
Then I applied two-three coats of white acrylic chalk paint using a sopnge , letting each coat dry before applying the next one. Then I arranged my die cuts over the glass jar and after I knew where I wanted them, I adhered the die cuts using decoupage glue. As we go on applying the glue and sticking on the die cut, slight pressure should be applied over the die cut using a tissue paper so that it adheres finely over the curved surfaces. Then I applied another coat of decoupage glue using the brush all over the adhered die cuts. 
For finishing the jar, I adhered some rhinestones and tied the baker's twine around the neck of the jar. Lastly, applied two coats of wood varnish over the complete jar.

And it's ready to be used as a centre piece of your showcase rack or dining table ;) 
Isn't that easy? 

Would love to know your views. 


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