Indian Quilling Challenge # 15--Box it up---DT post

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Hello friends !!

This month's theme at the Indian Quilling Challenge is to make any quilling project associated with a box. Like, you can choose to decorate a box with quilling, or make a quilled box itself, anything that tickles your imagination, but it should have some kind of box in it.

So, here's what I made as my DT inspiration project:--
closed box

Box on opening

I made an explosion box, but it's a little different kind of explosion box. Had never seen this kind of box anywhere, just an idea struck and I thought of giving it a try.

What's different in it, you may ask. Well, firstly, two of the four sides of this 2.5 by 2.5 inch box are transparent, that is, I have made an acetate window so that we can peep inside the box. :) And secondly, when it's opened, there's a cute little springy scene there, with all those little blooms ,the ladybug , the bumblebee, butterfly, etc. And except the butterfly, everything is quilled :)

Everytime I craft, my 3 year old daughter asks me, "Mamma, is this for me? "  So, I decided to make something specially for her, something she would like to look at everyday. To make it more fun and interactive, I have attached all the quilled elements to a spring, so that when she touches them , they  wriggle. :) ..She loved it and just couldn't resist opening the lid again and again to see the box open up to a lovely scene. :) Well, my biggest admirer likes it. What more do I need? :)

Closed box
Hope you like it too. And I hope I have inspired you to create something on the similar lines. Try it, your little kids would love it.
And do share your quilled box projects in this Facebook album.

Have a beautiful day !!:)


  1. Wow jasleen. That's such a wonderful project for your little one. .like the unique explosion box.. It sure will entice the young ones and take their day dreams to another level! Lovely quilling

  2. It's so beautiful Jas.. love your idea.. bumble bee is just so Fantastic. . :)

  3. Such a wonderful explosion box with all awesome quilled elements...SO very spring-ish...Bee,flowers, idea,execution - all fabulous :)

  4. Wow Jasleen ...this box is super cute n springy...completely original n never seen anything like this before ....ur daughter must be in love with this and all the wriggled creatures !!

  5. This is so cute! love it.. totally colorful & pretty :)

  6. Very unique explosion box Jasleen !! Loved the idea of acetate windows n spring ! Thumps Up for execution of such ' out of the box ' idea ""

  7. Very pretty jasleen.loved that acetate idea n quilling things....very cute.

  8. wow Jasleen!! this is amazing!! I'm waiting or my daughter to grow up :D

  9. Beautiful project box Jasleen. Very unique and well constructed. Nice attention to detail. Love it.



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