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3D Quilled Minions with a Tutorial

Hello dear friends ! 
A few days ago, I tried my hand at 3D quilling of a very popular and cute animated character, inspired by the movie 'The Minions'. My daughter just loves these little fellows [she calls them 'Yellow babies' :)]. This is what I made earlier:---

This was very much appreciated in the social groups and a few people requested me a tutorial for the same. So, as promised, here I am with a step-by-step process of how I made it. Of course there are no rules that you have to go the same way and you can definitely modify the process, depending upon the availability of supplies and your own creativity. :)

Please be warned, it's a picture heavy and a long post, the longest I've ever done till So, make yourself comfortable and enjoy :)
This is the minion I made recently. It stands 5 centimeters (2 inches) tall and the widest circumference diameter is approximately 2 centimeters. , Here's a tutorial for the same:-

Ok, so for the convenience of understanding, let's divide the process into 5 parts:-
Part 1--- Making the main body
Part 2---- Eyes
Part 3--- Legs and feet
Part 4-----Arms and hands
Part 5---- Miscellaneous ( adding hair, banner, sealing and polishing)

PART 1---
Supplies needed :--
50 Yellow quilling strips , 5 mm wide and 11.5 cms. long
11 Blue quilling strips, 5 mm wide and 11.5 cms. long
Stotted Quilling tool
a quilling mould
Fevicol MR
small sized scissors

1. Start sticking all the 11 blue strips end-to-end.

2. Make a tight coil using a quilling tool or quilling needle, as shown below.

3. Make a dome shape out out of this coil with the help of a quilling mould. After the 'dome' has been made, seal it by applying some fevicol MR on the inside as well as the outside.

4. Similarly, stick 10 yellow strips end-to-end , quill that to make a tight coil and make a 'dome' out of it as well.  We need to make 4 tight yellow coils in all. So, in all we have 1 blue 'dome', 1 yellow 'dome' and 4 tight yellow coils, as shown in the picture below.

5. Now stack all the yellow coils one above the other, followed by the yellow dome(which forms the head of the minion)

6. And then, attach the yellow portion into the blue dome we formed earlier. It should look something like this.
You will notice that we used 11 quilling strips to make the blue dome, whereas we used 10 strips each for the yellow coils. As a result of this, the yellow portion should fit comfortably inside the blue dome, as shown in pcture below.

7. Now we'll be making the front pinfore of the blue dungarees they are shown to wear.
For this, I stuck two 5 mm blue strips , about a centimeter long, lengthwise, as shown in the picture below. This will form the pinafore of their pants.
Note:- You can completely avoid this above mentioned step if you have 10mm blue quilling strip. I didn't have it, so had to stick two 5 mm ones. I just wanted to get the best out of the supplies I have. :)

And this is what the main body looks like.

Part 2:: Eyes
Supplies needed:
Two black coloured strips, 3 mm wide, 5 inches long
Two brown coloured strips,  3 mm wide, 5 inches long
Four white strips, 3 mm wide, 11.5 inches long
Two grey strips, 3 mm wide, 11.5 inches long.

 For making one of the eyes, stick 1 black, 1 brown, 2 white and 1 grey strips of the above mentioned lengths respectively. Make a tight coil out of it. Repeat the same for the other eye too. Stick them both together. This is how they will look.

Part 3: Legs and Feet

Supplies needed:
Two blue strips, 5 mm wide , 11.5 inches long--for the legs
Four black strips, 3 mm wide, 11.5 inches long--for the feet

1. Roll a blue strip tightly to make a leg.  Repeat for the other.

2. Stick two black strips edge to edge and roll into a firm(but not tight) coil. Now press it between your thumb and index fingers to make a tear drop shape. Repeat for the other foot too. 

3. Make it look like a boot by slightly pressing over the narrow portion of the teardrop, such that the wider portion looks bulged out. Hope you are not confused. Please refer to the picture below to see how it should look.

4. Now stick these boots to each of the 'legs' we made.

PART 4::Arms and hands
Supplies needed:-
Two yellow strips, 5 mm wide and 5 inches long--for the arms
Two black strips, 3 mm wide and 11.5 inches long--for the hands.
1. Roll a yellow strip into a tight coil.

2. Hold the coil from the centre with the help of a pointed tweezer and slide open the coil over it, as shown below.

3. Roll the black strips and make tear drop shapes to make the hands. The arms and hands would look something like this.

4. And this is how we stick the 'hands' inside the 'arms'.

5. Upon assembling all the little parts we made, it would look something like this.

PART 5:-- Miscellaneous

Now complete your minion by adding it's hair, drawing the parts of face, attaching the pinafor straps and sticking a small banner made out of kraft card stock, between it's 'hands'.

Finally, I sealed it with some home made mod podge , followed by a coat of  clear synthetic varnish.

And there he is!! Our cute, little minion. :)

I hope it was clear and you enjoyed reading this very long tutorial and are ready to try your hand at some 3D quilling. Would love to hear your feedback. If you have any doubts or queries, just leave a comment with your email id. I would definitely revert back at the earliest.

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Update :-- Recently discovered a new blog by suZARTe namely 'Just Keep on Creating', where we can share any of our favorite new and old projects with other talented bloggers and get inspired in turn. So, I'm linking this up there and October month's theme is 'Anything Goes'. I hope my quillled minion tutorial is helpful to other quillers. :)
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suzARTe is also hosting a wonderful giveaway celebrating her comeback on the blog 'Imagine, Create, Express'.   Do check it out. She's an amazinly talented card maker and you would surely love her creations.

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Monday, 27 July 2015

Bokeh Technique on a Card

Hello there!
 Hope this post finds you in good health and spirit.

I have quite a number of projects waiting to be shared on my blog. Hopefully, I'll share them all this week.Today, I'll be quickly sharing a card I made while trying the Bokeh Technique. Well, let's just say, it's a very milder version of Bokeh background ;)

Here's my card:-

And here's the video by Dawn Woleslagle where I got inspired from>>

Bokeh background needs more intense-looking white circles , but somehow, I liked this softer look so stopped stenciling more circles and let it be.
Will be coming up soon with some more cards using this technique.

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Cas(e) this sketch#133

Hope you liked it. Thanks for stopping by.

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Thursday, 16 July 2015

Layered Embossing Technique

Hello Friends !

I made a card for the Cas-ual Fridays challenge where the theme is 'Embossing' and cas(e) this sketch challenge #131.And I tried a new technique by Jennifer McGuire, that I learnt in Clean and Simple online card class 4 earlier this year.
So glad that finally I found time to try this out. Here's my card:-

In this technique, you can see that the embossing is done in two layers, hence the name. Here's the step-by-step process I followed:-

  • Prepared my card base for embossing, so that the stray powder particles don't stick to the undesired areas. Usually you need a powder tool for this, but since I didn't have a powder tool, I just heated my card base area using my heat tool, the heat reduces the moisture from the paper and the stray powder doesn't stick. Thanks Rajni Chawla Ma'am for this useful tip.
  • Stamped 'celebrate' using versamark ink and heat embossed using Ranger's enchanted gold embossing powder.
  • Then, on a separate piece of card stock, stamped the solid balloon images from Mama Elephant -good times stamp set using memento dew drop inks.
  • Stamped 'celebrate' again overlapping the coloured balloon images and this time around, heat embossed them with clear embossing powder.
  • Fuzzy cut the images and stuck them over the gold embossed sentiment in such a way, that the word 'celebrate' appears complete. Used 3d foam adhesive to stick the images.
  • Drew those balloon strings with my microtip gel pen and stamped the sentiment' the good times'.
  • Added a few rhinestones and the card was complete.
Let me know how you like it. I love reading your feedback on my work always.

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Friday, 10 July 2015

Catchy Design's : Let's Get Pinspired # 1

Hello Dear Friends!

My friend Deepti Stephens of Catchy Design is hosting a brand new challenge on her blog today which is all about getting inspired from some of the most amazing images found on the Pinterest and she invited me to be a guest designer for this month's challenge- Let's get Pinspired # 1. Thank you so much Deepti for this opportunity and I'm thrilled to be a GD at your blog. :)

What makes it even more exciting is the fact that it's being sponsored by Papericious , a Delhi-based company which comes up with exquisite patterned papers and the winner of this challenge would be receiving the gorgeous 12 by 12 Vintage Rosewood Paper pad. Tempting, isn't it? :)

Here's how I got Pinspired :--

There's so much to get inspired from in the picture. I loved the black and white background, the pop of colours- pink, yellow, blue , green, the worded background, the word 'Joy', etc.
I started by stamping my own background over the base of an A2 sized card. I wanted to use the word 'Joy' and some other words which would compliment each other . So I chose to stamp 'joy', 'hope', 'journey', 'thankful' from Heidi Swapp 'Journey' stamp set. I just love how interesting those fonts look. :)

Then I used this coloured vellum which was a result of  the coloured vellum technique I learnt in Clean and simple online class-4.A very simple and effective technique- just mix some distress ink of your choice with isopropyl alcohol (commonly known as rubbing alcohol) or nail polish remover and paint it over your piece of vellum. It dries super fast and the results look beautiful. The benefit of using rubbing alcohol over water is that water takes a long time to dry and it also leads to excessive warping of the vellum.

I drew and cut out those three feathers from a piece of white card stock, coloured them with memento inks, embossed the edges in enchanted gold EP (which could not be clearly seen in the picture) and arranged them over the base.

Finally tied a twine over the base to bind the whole design together and added the sentiment from mama elephant stamp set.

That's all from my side today. Please head over to Catchy Designs blog and check out the wonderful inspiration by Deepti Stephens and Pooja. I'm sure you'll love them.

Hope you join this absolutely fun challenge.  See you there :)