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Hi, I'm Jasleen, a Medical Editor by profession and a crafter by passion. I reside in the city of Pune, India with my wonderful husband and two lovely daughters. I have always been creatively inclined since the age of playing with dolls, be it drawing, painting, making little doll houses with the scraps lying around the house, or decorating my room for the 'wedding' of my doll , making my own little greeting cards by tearing out pages from my notebook and giving out handwritten notes to the sibling and friends. My parents understood and always encouraged me to go ahead with my little creative "adventures," as I would call them. As I grew older, academics took over and art and crafts took a backseat. Being a stay-at-home mother now gave me ample time and opportunity to re-awaken my long-lost love for crafting and here I am, learning and exploring this wonderful world of crafts in the form of card-making and quilling, thanks to the much needed push from my husband and the amazing inspiration from the bloggers.

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. It would me my pleasure if you find something on my blog that inspires you.

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