Mixed Media Art---Door Hanger

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Hi friends,

Sharing an upcycled project today, So, I had this piece of corrugated cardboard ( from a cheese box) lying in my stash since quite a while and yesterday, I decided to put it to some good use. So, I decided to make a pretty door hanger out of it.  This is what I made :--

So, it started with just an unplanned experimental activity on a boring afternoon , just playing around with some gesso, fireworks sprays and texture paste over this rectangular piece of corrugated cardboard and it turned out to be something I really liked after the background was made. Then I was left wondering how and what embellishments to add to this. Now this is where I usually falter and being a CAS lover, find this step a little brain-numbing :P
 After figuring out what mulberry flowers would look good against that background and their best possible arrangement, I could slowly sense the project coming together all by itself !! I think that's the beauty of art, you may not necessarily begin with a chalked-out plan in your mind, but as you get involved in the making process, ideas keep coming easily and effortlessly. :)

I love that quote. Do you? :)

Thanks so much for stopping by. And have a very creative weekend!


  1. Yes Jasleen I loved the Quote ,All the colors on the hanger make it look Happy n cheerful .Textures add to the beauty ! I also love how you write your posts,thoughts put into words so effortlessly ..Something I find difficult !

  2. Beautiful work Jasleen.. Beautiful colors.. Love your choice of flowers..
    Moxie Craftie

  3. So pretty...and would look great hanging from that door. Love how you used the corrugated cardboard here.

  4. S...love the quote!!! Yes for sure...art takes its route...only thing you need to became :) Love the bright cheery door hanger...Beautiful Jas :)

  5. lovely background and a beautiful quote Jasleen !!

  6. Its beautiful dear ...loveloved the colors...textures...choice of flowers n quote...everything is just perfect !!

  7. Wonderful colors, textures and love the flowers.
    Hugs Diane

  8. WOW how happy and cheerful your project looks,,,and awesome recycling Jasleen!!
    Dr Sonia

  9. Really sweet piece! I love the colours!

  10. Really lovely Jasleen.. I love the play of colours and yes, the sentiment too!! Completely agree with you on the creative process!!


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