Sunshine Bliss

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Hello dear bloggers,

This time I'm back with a colourful summer card which has been made keeping in mind some of the ongoing challenges.  Well, in one of the challenges, we had to choose any season or weather of our choice and create something based on that. What can be colourful and brighter than summer? Be it kids or grown-ups, don't we all await this season for different reasons ofcourse. Okay, please have a look.

 As you could see, quilled creations rule here. Reason: well, I'm hooked to quilling these days ;)
I wanted to try a quilled mermaid and got inspired by a mermaid I found on the internet on random search. So we have a quilled mermaid, sun, beach umbrella, a mocktail glass, and a slice of orange ;) And not-to-be-missed quilled sunglasses Sun is wearing..;) lol

Both the clouds and the sentiment is hand-drawn and handwritten

 Summer is also the season when the kids are on a 2 month long vacation(in India). So naturally it's the time when families flock away to cooler beaches for holidaying :) Tried to capture a relaxed vacation scene and hence the sentiment :)

Hope you all like it. :)  Waiting to hear your views.

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Waiting to Wed

Monday, 19 August 2013

Hello and Welcome . This time I'm back with something different. I have tried my hand at creating a wedding gown using drawing paper.

 For the gown, I cut the square pieces of different sizes from a drawing paper, folded it in accordion style and assembled it.
 The top portion of the hat is made by creating a meshwork using 3 mm quilling strips and the lower portion is decorated with the help of quilling.
Roses are made using quilling strips and I folllowed Inna's technique for this.You can find it here-

The little purse is quilled too.

Last but not the least, I wanted to think of a sentiment that would very aptly describe the bride's feelings just on the day of her wedding. ;)
Hope you like it.

And I dedicate this work to all my friends and cousins who are waiting for their someone special and would be hearing the wedding bells soon. May you stay blessed and Happily Ever After. :)

Another attempt at Quilling

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Hello there. Happy Independence day to all my Indian visitors.

I think I'm addicted to quilling. My first attempt at quilling that I posted two days back was far from perfect. Keeping those mistakes in mind, I came up with my new project and I know it's not perfect either, but it's much better.
I was inspired by Inna's creations for this and for making the leaves, I followed Annie's technique. I have still not mastered it and need to improve it. She has explained it beautifully.

Please don't hesitate to share your views and suggestions on my work. 
Have a great day!! :)

My First Quilling

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

These days I'm hooked to quilling. I didn't know anything about this art until recently when I saw some beautiful quilled creations on the internet. I loved it. I learnt about the basics of quilling on Martha Stewart's blog. This is what my first attempt at quilling looks like.

Handmade Birthday Invitation Card

Sunday, 11 August 2013

It was my daughter's first birthday and obviously I wanted it to be really special. And I think nothing can be more special than sending everybody a personalised invitation card custom-made for your baby, isn't it? :)  I searched for some ideas and was really inspired by Juhi's pull-up handmade birthday invitation cards.
So I decided to make this:

I have very fond memories attached with this card. My daughter used to stay awake in the night and sleep during the day. It was during these night awakenings when I made this card with my daughter, playing with the craft material. :) Thankfully I got my night's sleep back now but still I miss those times. . .  :)

A Happy Beginning!

I have always been fascinated by colours. Even as a kid, I used to play around with colours, drawing, painting, art and crafts being my favorite. My summer vacations would never be without me joining fun drawing and sketching classes or participating in various sketching and painting competitions. Though I don't remember winning any of those, art and craft bug has stuck with me ever since. Well there was a period when I  got busy with my junior college and medicine studies and couldn't manage my time for hobbies. Being a stay-at-home mom today has given me a chance to rekindle my long lost love for art and craft and painting. Not to forget the most valuable inspiration that I got from the related blogs and Pinterest.

I am far from a great artist, but I am getting inspired and learning something new each day. The art of creating some thing new relaxes and pleases me like nothing else. This is the space where I share every little piece of art and craft that I do. Like they say, inspiration can come from even the smallest of things, maybe my blog inspires another like-minded and passionate person. This blog will be a potpourri of the stuff I learn or I try my hand at like cooking, fashion and styling, chocolate-making, quilling, handmade greetings, gifting ideas, poetry and other random topics related to our day-to-day life.

 I would be even more pleased if you drop by and share your thoughts and leave your comments or suggestions. Your few words would be a great motivation for me :)

Have a great day!