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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Hello dear bloggers.

Today is one of those days which I don't have very fond memories of. I had a pet black labrador retriever-Sam, whom I lost exactly three years back. Miss him still, will always do. Don't have any creation to share today except these few lines that I had scribbled two years back in his fond memories. Well, I'm not a poet or a writer, but I do write when I strongly feel about something or someone. Thought of sharing with my blogger pals. If you are a dog-lover or you have a pet at home, I'm sure you'd be able to relate to this.

Still remember those wonderful years passed few
when there was sunshine and me and you.

You hopped into my life
With those silent paws,
And filled my life
With laughter and guffaws.

You jumped into my heart
With that wagging gait,
And owned a place,
that none could vacate.

Still remember those wonderful years passed few
When there was darkness and me and you.

You stayed with me
Through my days so rough
And those nights of toil
when I needed to be tough.

Ah! Those loyal eyes, that warm gaze!
They saw us rise, they saw us fall.
They saw us love, they saw us brawl.

Still remember those wonderful years passed few
When there was innocence and me and you.

And that corner still awaits
Where you would rest your head,
And that lawn still awaits
For that playful tread.

Nothing has changed
Still everything seems new
Without my dear companion
Without my faithful you.

Will always remember those wonderful years passed few
Where there are memories of me and you.

And with a heavy heart
I bid a tearful adieu,
Oh! How I wish I was there
In your last moments with you.


How I wish dogs had longer life spans.

Thanks for visiting me today. Have a great day.


  1. That is beautifully written Jasleen.
    Losing a pet is painful. Dogs bring such joy to our lives with their personalities and antics. I lost my last dog in August 2012. It was particularly heart-breaking for me as I was travelling and didn't even get to say goodbye. He was 15 and such a sweetie.

  2. So beautifully written Jasleen. Agree with your sentiments, we lost our pet, Scampy a year after I got married, and really wished I could have been with him in his last days.

  3. That was very powerful and heartwrenching, Jas. We've loved and lost many dogs in our years and still miss them all. I do hope you get another dog soon. You obviously are a wonderful dog owner and there are so many beautiful loving dogs who need someone just like you! Big hugs, Darnell

  4. Very heartwarming Jasleen! I don't have dogs but have had birds. I know it's painful when we loose them.

  5. so powerful words you have written. it seems to be very painful to lost a dog. hope u will have a new dog earlier.

  6. These are so powerful words, I can feel how much u miss Sam...

  7. Lovely words Jasleen, and its apparent you really loved Sam. I cannot say that I've had a similar experience., as I don't have a pet... but I heard that when our dog died(this is before my time) my father cried, and well, he doesn't do much crying ever. So, I can guess at your feelings.


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