Monday, 21 July 2014

'Getting to Know Me'---Blog Hop

Hello Everyone,

My today's post is a part of a different kind of blog hop happening around the blogosphere called as 'getting to know me'. Yes, it's about connecting with other fellow crafters and getting to know more about their creative process. And today, it's my turn to share about my creative process. :)

I was tagged by my lovely crafter friend Pooja of Reusing, Cards and Quilling. Pooja is an amazing artist, I call her an artist because she draws beautifully, watercolours magically,  reuses and recycles stuff so creatively.Her 3D quilling is pretty amazing too. And I just love her detailed cards the best, with her handmade blooms on it :) More than that, she is a fantastic friend, I remember she has helped me out so many times by sharing links to the useful information and tutorials. I think you should check out her blog for yourself and you'll know why I admire her so much :)

I have also tagged three of my very talented crafter friends whom I really admire a lot. You will find the tagged friends at the end of the post. And here's a little about my creative process:-

1.What I am working on ?
I recently got a couple of new stamp sets, one from winning a giveaway and another one bought, so I'm trying some new stamping techniques using them and working on a couple of CAS cards.

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?
Not just mine, I believe each and every crafter/cardmaker has their own unique style and their work differs greatly or subtly from the other. The more I visit others' blogs and follow their work closely, the more I'm able to appreciate how different everybody's style is. If I talk about myself, I think I try to experiment with the details I add to my cards, and mostly prefer making my own handmade dimensional elements, like them popped-up to add interest, give my own creative twist to it and I LOVE the clean, white space. If I'm making a CAS card, I make sure I respect this white space. 

3. Why do I write/create what I do?
Because I love it. What started off as just a measure to ward off the boredom due to the spare time I was having in my hands about a year ago, has now turned into a passion. Even though I may not be that idle now with the baby, new job, home and everything, I make sure I find a few minutes a day just for my crafting. I get drifted to a whole new world and well, it just makes me happy :)

4.How do I become inspired or stay inspired?
It may sound funny, but the inspiration strikes me at odd times, mostly when I'm busy in my routine chores. And then I get this urge to get that idea on the paper as soon as possible, lest I  forget it. On the other hand, I hardly ever get a good idea if I sit on my craft table and consciously think about it. lol. And the inspiration comes from rather odd sources too, either from an advertisement in a newspaper,or a quote I recently heard,  some pattern on a bedsheet or even from watching cartoon channels with my baby :P. And I stay inspired through Pinterest and visiting others' blogs. 

5. How does your writing/creating process work?
I prefer a rather systematic approach to anything. So if I want to make a CAS card, I first draw 2-3  rough sketches of the card design I have in mind. I choose the elements I'm going to use  from whatever I possess at the moment and try to visualise which one would look the best. And then comes the making of the card, which takes sometimes 4-5 trials if it involves stamping. Same kind of planning goes for the detailed projects as well.

6. How long does it take to create a project?
It takes me about an hour or so for CAS cards, more if I'm adding some handmade dimensional elements. And as for the detailed cards and layouts, it takes about 4-5 days, if I craft for an hour per day. And if it's a quilling project, then it may take about a week.

7. What are my favourite things I love to create with at the moment?
I love my Tim Holtz distress inks and memento inks. I think I have so much to work  and explore the possibilities with them. Other than these, I love my quilling strips and the needle. Not getting many good ideas or inspiration for quilling at the moment, but too much to explore here as well.

 8.What is my signature style?
Still in the process to discover what my true style is, but currently enjoying making clean and simple cards with minimal embellishments. I have always been drawn more towards CAS cards because of their ability to convey the idea or the sentiment so effectively in as little as possible. I always try to work on inducing that classy appeal to my cards too. And I wish and hope to delve deeper and learn more about this style.

Hope you are still with me :P Was that too long? I actually never sat and thought about all this until now and the  questions really made me think and introspect. Now I wish to know more about the lovely ladies I had the honour of knowing in the blogging community. I would really appreciate if you could find time to visit these lovely ladies, because I know you are going to love them too :)

 Hazel Hodgkins-----
Her blog----Hazel's Paper Designs
I'm totally smitten with Hazel's CAS style of card making and she's one of my favorites. Her designs are a perfect blend of simplicity and creativity. I find them very fresh and unique and I completely respect her originality. The most challenging part of CAS card making is knowing when to stop, and Hazel knows that well. You will know that when you see how perfectly balanced her designs  are.Looking forward to learn more from you Hazel.

Rupa S---- 
Her Blog-----Rupa's Tofa
Rupa is an incredibly talented crafter. She makes awesome vintage projects and her altered art is something to look out for. She can transform the scrap lying around the house into a masterpiece. Now that's what defines a real talent. She has made so many of us see the neglected boxes or cans around the house in a new light. And I also love reading her candid blogposts explaining the true A to Z process of creation. I truly admire her creativity, and I'm sure you will as well.

Lavina Agarwal----

Her Blog-----Life's Little Treasures
Lavina is a multi-talented lady. She's not only a wonderful crafter, but an amazing cook too. I always feel happy when I visit her blog because her posts are always so positive, full-of-life, bubbly and fun. I really admire that she involves her little daughter in most of her crafting activities and comes up with very cute and practical kids projects. Do check out her blog 'life's little treasures and I'm sure you will love her as much as I do. :)

Hope you all enjoyed reading my today's special blog hop post. Eagerly awaiting to know more about my tagged friends next week. Don't forget to check out their blogs. 

Until then, happy crafting!! :)


  1. That's a lot about you I dint know! Inspiration strikes from anywhere except the craft table, cant agree more on that dear! You are doing gr8 with your CAS cards(am challenged on that front)! Gladbto be tagged bybyou and thankbforvthe lovely that really me?...

  2. This was so interesting. I love to se how people are inspired. I have been admiring your cards for a while now and I think you rock CAS-I am off to visit the first tagged friend on your list!

  3. Enjoyed reading your post and knowing about you more Jasleen :) .. love how you play with stamps , inks and masking for cards you make cute tiny embellishments too .. they look sweet .. :) you posted my fav cards of yours..:)

  4. wow it was fun reading about you dear! have not tried CAS cards, but I really love the way you make the elements stand out and the white space speaks a lot! Thanks for the lovely lovely intro for me :))

  5. Systematic is the word for you !!! No wonder your cards are so clean n crisp always..lots of planning n trial goes to achieve it :),Its not just the design but I love the themes you bring out and the dimensions you add to them still keeping it CAS! Loved reading the post n no it was not long :)

    Glad I could help,Thanks for the appreciation Jasleen !

  6. Jasleen...I have always been a big fan of yours...OOh I simply drool at the way you make stylish and unique cards!
    Dr Sonia
    Cards Crafts Kids Projects

  7. it is good to know more about you :) your cards are always an inspiration!! and they are unique!!
    Moxie Craftie

  8. Thank you for sharing something of yourself Jasleen. Like your card making skills and creativity.

  9. What a lovely post, I am so glad to know more about ur creative process, ur cards are so unique and awesome !

  10. Nice to know more about you Jasleen...I always admire your CAS cards and handmade embellishments...

  11. Was lovely reading more about you Jasleen and specially liked your cards.

  12. Your CAS style is so unique and always love it :) So good to know a little more about you :)

  13. An excellent post Jasleen. Your cards in this post are fantastic. You love CAS cards for the same reason I do. You are very good at writing as well. Bravo to you. - Jim

  14. I came to see if you were back from your break yet and found this wonderful post which somehow I missed. I was tagged in this hop, too, but with a different name so somehow there was a split-off. Oh, well, it's all good because we get to know each other better! I sure enjoyed getting to know you better, Jasleen, and how you create. I think it is wonderful that you allow yourself a little bit a crafting time each day so you can get away to your "happy place." In turn, that makes you a better mother and wife - you are smart!! Hugs, Darnell


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